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A Few Words About Commitment

You are already committed!
Written by Mark Austin

Commitment. For many people, just thinking of that word that can induce a lot of fear.

We don’t like to make commitments, to box ourselves into a corner, to reduce our options.

BUT…Here’s the TRUTH…

You are ALWAYS making a commitment of some kind.

The minute you are not committed to growing, you are committed to staying in your current position.

You’re either committed to taking action, or you’re committed to not taking it.

You’re either committed to removing the beliefs that are holding you back, or you’re committed to keeping them.

You’re either committed to the doing work required, or you’re committed to avoiding it.

You’re either committed to facing the truth, or you’re committed to staying in the story.

Either way, have no doubt, you’ve already made a commitment.

Knowing this frees us from the misconception that commitment is something NEW that we HAVE to do.

It’s not. You are ALREADY committed. The only question is…what to?

If you are not getting the results that you want in business and life, take a look at your current commitments.

If you want different results, you don’t need to become MORE committed, you just need to change what it is that you are already committed to.