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The Mission & The Journey

Let's face. Being human isn't easy.

We struggle. We get stuck in patterns that don't serve us and we feel a sense of constant internal conflict. Part of us wants to move towards the things we want, another part wants to hold us back. 

We think we are alone in this struggle, that we are the only ones experiencing this conflict, pain and frustration.

That's simply not true. Everyone deals with the same problems, fears, frustrations, procrastination and doubt about the direction they are taking.

It's impossible to be human and to not have this experience.

The fact is, what you are experiencing is NORMAL.

Totally, 100%, normal. 

The majority our actions and behaviours are automatic. This can be both a blessing and curse. It frees us up to not have to worry about vital things such as breathing, but it can also stop us from taking action towards the things that truly matter to us.

This is partly due to the way nature has built us and partly due to the experiences we've had in life, and how we internally decided to rate and represent them.

The good news is that we can change and/or navigate these automatic mental programs so that we can make decisions and take actions that lead us to the place we wish to arrive.

That is what Freedom Engineering is all about. 

Breaking free of the patterns that hold you back, getting clarity on what it is that you really want, and then taking clear actions that move you towards it.

I look forward to doing what I can to help you engineer your own freedom so that you can live the life that you desire and deserve.

To your success,

Mark Austin

The Mission

The mission of Freedom Engineering is simple. To empower people to break free of what I refer to as 'The Transformation Trap' so that they can build the life and businesses that they desire and deserve.

Have you been a victim of 'The Transformation Trap'?

  • If you've ever started a course and not finished it, you've fallen into this trap.
  • If you've have a business you want to build but your stuck in procrastination, you've fallen into this trap.
  • If you've experienced repeating problems in life, despite your best efforts to create a different outcome, you've fallen into this trap.
  • In short, if there are things in your life that you want to change but no matter what you seem to do, you always end up back where you started, you're in this trap.

The good news is that there is a way out of The Transformation Trap and it isn't complicated at all, in fact, it's quite simple.

Simple doesn't always mean easy. It will take work and effort on you part but far less work and effort than it takes to keep you stuck.

My mission is to work with as many people as possible who want to take back control of their lives but are currently stuck, repeating the same patterns over and over. To provide them with everything they need so that they can free themselves from what is holding them back, and move forward with clarity towards their desired life and business.

The 3 Core Values Behind The Work

Evidence Based

Evidence Based

In a marketplace full of untested theories and sound bites, we will offer proven solutions that are based on evidence, testing and established scientific models and practices.



Much of the information that we are given is simply wrong. We will address this by producing cutting edge educational products, programs & services that put the power back in your hands..

Results Driven

Results Driven

Results are everything. All the information in the world is worthless unless applied. We will always be 100% focused on how we can deliver the best results for our clients in the fastest timeframe possible.

My Journey

Let me give you a brief overview of how I ended up here today and what led to the creation of Freedom Engineering.

As I approached adulthood, getting a ‘steady’ job and sticking it out for 45 years to hopefully retire with just enough money to see out my days sounded like torture to me.

My parents, however, insisted that was the way I must go and begrudgingly I got my first job for an well known insurance company in London.

I lasted just 3 months. I clearly wasn’t cut out to be an employee. I saw an advert for a self-employed commission only sales role and I applied. That was how I met Carl, my first mentor.

He had a view on life, business and society that I’d never been exposed to before. He changed my life and I shall forever be in his debt.

Over the next decade I built many different kinds of businesses. Some where successful, some not so, but with each attempt my results got better. I had my first online business in 2001, and by 2012 I’d built a very successful online consultancy and software business. 

I wanted to help others start their own business too so we began licensing our products and services. We had thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide sign up over the next couple of years but there was just one BIG problem.

Only a handful of them were taking action and getting clients. 

I was scratching my head. We gave them everything they needed, we even fulfilled the services for them, all they had to do was take some action, but few ever did.

I surveyed our licensing partners to find out what was going on. It became that clear that the problem wasn’t a lack of desire or a lack of resources. It was something else. 

It was as if there was an invisible force dragging them back and keeping them from success.

They told me of their desperation to break free of jobs they hated and lives that left them exhausted. They told me of the frustration and guilt they felt every single day for what they saw as failure.

It was heart breaking to listen to their pain and I felt compelled to do something about it. I needed to find a solution.

The areas of psychology, personal development, success and performance have always been a passion of mine. I decided that I had to stop treating them as a hobby and start the process of what author Steven Pressfield refers to as ‘Turning Pro’.

I closed the doors to my successful business and began my journey. For the next 3 years I sought out leaders in the areas of performance and psychology.

I jumped on over 150 planes and invested more money than I care to remember to get in front of them. I read over 200 books, took countless courses and trained in a range of coaching and psychotherapy practices. I began to coach and train others in the evidence-based and scientific models I'd learnt. 

The results spoke for themselves. My clients clarity and ability to produce results improved dramatically. 

Not just in business but across ALL areas of their lives.

There more people I worked with, the more I refined the process until I had a formula that if applied, always worked. It's now my mission to help as many people as possible get 'unstuck' and engineer their freedom.

That's a little about my journey, but to be honest, I'm far more interested in yours. So if you'd like to have a chat, reach out to me and we'll do that.

To your success!

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