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Are You Stuck In Product Creation Hell?

product creation hell
Written by Mark Austin

Stuck In Product Creation Hell? – Here’s How To Escape

Far too many of our business ideas never get off the ground. They stay locked in a cycle of preparation, never quite ready to launch.

Like all the other things we have discussed so far, the root of this can be found in our beliefs.

In this instance, it is our belief about what is required before our product or service is ready to be sold.

We believe it has to be perfect, that it has to cover all the angles, that it has to be the complete solution.

We toil and tinker away, forever adding more parts and pieces in our quest for perfection.

This is a HUGE mistake. One I made many times until I finally learnt my lesson.

You can spend months or even years building your product, getting all the infrastructure built for delivery, polishing off your website and agonising for hours over your branding only to finally launch and make zero sales.

You spent all that time building something no one wants apart from you.

It happens ALL the time.

There’s nothing worse. All that time and effort wasted, not to mention the hit your self-esteem and confidence takes in the process.

One of the most significant leaps my career as an entrepreneur took was when one of my mentors instructed me to sell my product or service BEFORE even creating it.

No need to build the product, just outline the idea, the solution it provides and then offer it to your target customers.

You can use this approach to test the viability of your offer, or you can use it to launch your business. That will depend on the complexity and type of product or service you will be delivering.

Which brings us nicely to the next concept you should adopt into your business. One that can save you weeks and months of wasted time and will allow you to create revenue WHILE building your business.

Your Minimum Viable Product – One Problem, One Solution

Now, while your planned products or services can probably serve a wide range of customers with a wide range of issues, for now, simply build the framework for your minimum viable product (MVP).

Choose ONE problem your target market is facing and create ONE solution to that problem. That’s it.

Yes, I know there are probably many more things you want to deliver, you think they need, and you are sure are required before you are ready to launch, but it is that thinking that is keeping you stuck.

Work out what you can deliver now that will solve a problem. That is your MVP.

Then use the strategy of putting out an offer for it BEFORE you do any work creating it.

Let’s find out if people want it before we build it.

If they do, great. You get PAID to build it!

Once you have proven the concept and have some revenue pouring in, then it will be time to build out the product/service and add the bells and whistles that your CUSTOMERS tell you they want.

This way, you will only add what is required and wanted by your end users, and you’ll end up with the best possible product.

One that would never have seen the light of day if you had stuck to the old approach.

So, if you find yourself stuck in product creation hell, now you know what to do.

Go and sketch out your MVP and put it out there asap.

Once you take this approach to creating your products and services, you’ll never look back.