Freedom Engineering

Have You Created A Monster?

Written by Mark Austin

As we get another week underway, they’ll be many entrepreneurs who are stressed out, in survival mode and who are facing a constant struggle to balance the books and make a profit.

What once was a miracle has now turned into a monster.

And it was a miracle…

You performed magic and conjured something from nothing.
You brought a business to life out of thin air.

Starting a business with nothing but a great idea, a desire for freedom, your talent and whatever resources you can cobble together is no mean feat.

It’s impressive. You should be proud.

I’m sure you are, but for many business owners, there comes a day when it dawns on them that, like Dr Frankenstein, their beautiful creation has turned into a monster.

This monsters appetite for time, cash and resources is insatiable. It’s demanding and seems to enjoy putting you under mental and physical strain.

You try to tame it, to love it, after all, it’s your creation, but it’s like a runaway train, and you’re beginning to worry that you won’t get it back under your control.

You work harder and harder, but that only seems to make matters worse, and it drains you even further.

You started a business because you wanted to be your own boss, now it seems like this monster is the boss of you.

Depressing stuff for a Monday? That’s not my intention. Too often in this social media world, we’re presented with fantasy and not that facts.

Give me facts over fantasy any day.

And the fact is, this is how many entrepreneurs and business owners will feel today.

If you’re one of them, I’m writing this for you with two reasons in mind.

Firstly, to remind you that you are not alone in this struggle, many others are wrestling to control the monsters of their creation.

Secondly, to tell you it doesn’t need to be this way.

You CAN take back control and have the dream business, and life, that you intended to create.

If you have a monster on your hands, the way to tame it is to master the five principles that create success in any endeavour.

Your Philosophy –

What you believe about business, work, money, success, effort, reward, skill, talent and a whole list of other areas WILL determine and shape your creations.

It is VITAL that you clearly define the beliefs you hold and you stop operating from the ones you picked up along the way.

Your Psychology –

The human experience is stressful. Running a business is stressful. You are going to be stressed. All of that stress is caused by our internal representation of what we perceive to be happening outside of us.

Most people use one, or all, of three approaches to deal with this stress. They’ll try to avoid it, control it or eliminate it.

None of these methods work. What is required is the ability to take action in the presence of our unwanted thoughts and feelings. A skill called ‘psychological flexibility’.

Your Purpose –

Knowing exactly what you want in your business and life is obviously important, but the real driver of success is knowing our why. When we have a clear vision that is fully aligned with our true values, that provides us with the fuel we need to push ourselves forward.

Our ‘why’ needs to extend beyond the surface level reasons we rely on such as, ‘to provide for my family’, and we need to connect with our deeper values. It’s less about what we want, and more about who we want to become and why.

Your Path –

The starting point for designing a business usually starts with this principle and with goal setting. The problem is, without having addressed the previous three principles, you can only create a vision based on the beliefs and values that you didn’t consciously create. That can only lead you down a path that you’ll eventually won’t want to walk.

If, however, you have addressed the first three principles, you are now in a position to do two things. Firstly, take stock of where you are now and the current realities you face, entirely free of judgement. You’ll be collecting the data, not getting lost in the drama. Then, you’ll have the mental clarity to plot the route to the destination you genuinely want to arrive, one built on around your purpose and values, not those of others.

Your Plan –

Now you know what you want, you need a plan to achieve it, and that comes down to your processes. Because…it’s process that leads to progress that leads to success. Effective planning extends way beyond the ‘to do list’ productivity hacks we often told to follow. There’s an art and science to it, one that will always create results.

When you have clear sets of processes in place, the ability to effectively track your progress and clearly defined milestones and actions steps, you can’t fail. You may need to course correct, but you will achieve your outcomes. That’s the beauty of processes and systems.

So, if you’ve created a monster take an inventory of where you currently stand in relation to the five principles above.

The solution to your problem lies in mastering each them, I promise you.

As entrepreneurs, I consider us to be the lucky ones. We have a dream that drives us.

Too often though, we turn that dream into a nightmare and let the monster take over.

Remember why you set out on this journey.

It was to be free, to be the leader of your life, to be the boss of you.

If things are out of control or not heading where you want, you have the power to change it, because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have been able to start this crazy journey in the first place.


p.s. if the above resonates with you and you’re finding the entrepreneurial life a bit of a struggle, don’t sit there suffering in silence, get in touch and let’s get you back on the path you intended to walk.