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Success Kickstart Podcast Interview

How To Take Value Driven Committed Action
Written by Mark Austin

A few weeks ago I was invited on to a personal development podcast hosted by Rob Temple to discuss how I help clients take value driven committed action.

Which basically means taking action towards the things you most want in life, even in the presence of the unhelpful thoughts & feelings we all have to deal with.

Rob was intrigued that my take on how to overcome what is classed as ‘negative thinking’ was the opposite of nearly everything thing we hear from the self-help gurus.

These ‘gurus’ are always telling us to ‘change our thinking’…the problem is, that doesn’t really make sense, our thoughts happen automatically. We can’t change what has already taken place.

A far better approach is to learn how to take action even in their presence, something called ‘psychological flexibility’.

Take a listen and as always, let me know your thoughts!